the first app that helps detect and follow up endometriosis!

MyEndoApp is a unique digital tool to tackle endometriosis. This app associates a screening test
and a follow up tool.
  • quicker screen endometriosis through a pre-diagnostic
  • assist you to enhance your global treatment
  • ensure a daily quality of live follow up
  • record and easily access your health data : tests, treatments, appointments…
  • optimise your contacts with healthcare professionals
  • contribute to the scientific research

What’s MyEndoApp?

  • A secure and scientific app, a result of 3 years of work
  • A unique and 88% reliable screening algorithm
  • A solution for a secure storing and database service (HADS)given by a dedicated provider.
  • A research process based on a data collection and on a complex analysis
  • A self-funding independent project
  • A digital tool in continuous evolution

MyEndoApp, for what benefits?

  • Reduction of diagnostic time and optimization of care
  • Saving time
  • Improved communication with the medical team
  • Decrease in the frequency and repetition of examinations
  • Real-time evaluation of treatment
  • Joint research for practical advances
We’ve decided to use a participating financing to build a long-term project to fight against endometriosis and make a breakthrough. MyEndoApp is a free download application with an integrated purchase of €9.99

I do the screening test

This screening test is a brief and easy one. Once you’ve created your account, you will answer a few questions. Based on your answers and symptoms, MyEndoApp will inform you on the likelihood of endometriosis. MyEndoApp will then display the possible medical examination and available treatment


I organize my health schedule

MyEndoApp is a space where to organise, sort and follow your health and medical record. Your tests, documents, appointments can be stored via a secure storing and database service (HADS), hence accessible anytime. MyEndoApp can also function as a diary and help you monitor your daily life and symptoms, such as stress, fatigue, pain…


I get information up to date

MyEndoApp enables the consultation and sharing of specific content and articles chosen by our expert consortium. This content is updated regularly and targets key-themes such as research, treatment advances etc. This content can also be shared through notifications.


I take an active role in research

With myEndoApp, you contribute to a safe and anonymous data collection that will be used to optimise the app and inform future research and treatment outcomes.


my account

Your private account gives you permanent access to your personal data; your Preditest©, documents, appointments…

my quality of life

To optimize and enhance your health and treatment, a quality of life evaluation is available at any time. This evaluation links your treatment and symptoms to assess efficiency.

my medical file

Exams, documents, events… all your medical data can be archived, checked and shared any time.

my diary

Organize and plan your health journey. MyEndoApp can be synchronized with your mobile phone agenda, you can set up alerts, take notes…

my news

You can read and share scientific contents picked by our experts and constantly up to dated.

my secured data

Your medical data are ultra-secured: HADS archives, data base encoding, strong authentication, SSL certification…

to take the screening test,
download MyEndoApp now!


Les recommandations de la HAS pour lutter contre l’endométriose 800 600 MyEndoApp

Les recommandations de la HAS pour lutter contre l’endométriose

Femme qui travaille
Endométriose et travail : une étude a évalué la perte de productivité 1920 1280 MyEndoApp

Endométriose et travail : une étude a évalué la perte de productivité


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